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i mean the only thing. the american public throws its support behind edward snowden with a poll showing most citizens approve of his whistleblowing activities and with me an entrepreneur who's helping internet users avoid the government snooping that snowden uncovered. washington is set to deliver for fighter jets to the egyptian military as president obama refuses to call the overthrow of the muslim brotherhood a coup prompting egyptians to criticize u.s. involvement in their country's affairs. british lawmakers warn that toppling the assad regime in syria could have disastrous consequences in a report highlighting the threat of radical militants getting hold of chemical weapons. and high profile corruption cases draws to an animosity
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as accord hands down a guilty verdict against lates russian lawyer sergei magnitsky accused of helping a company to evade seventeen billion dollars in taxes. as five fan mosque you're watching our. welcome to the program. u.s. government afterwards to convince the public that intelligence leaker edward snowden is a spy but a criminal appear to be failing a recent poll found that most americans approve of the whistleblowers actions while only about a third view him negatively snowden who is still in transit limbo at a moscow airport faces asked you know if charges in the u.s. for exposing the extent of his government secret surveillance network those revelations implicated not only of fish kills but also the country's biggest telecom and internet companies but one small internet provider has earned
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a reputation for resisting pressure from the national security agency and shielding its users data my colleague kevin no one spoke to the owner of x. mission peta ashton. i had situations where people inside the attorney general's office of slandered my business and said that we're supporting criminals we absolutely do not support criminals we just ask for a proper warrant and that seems to be too much to ask most of the time or the other issue is that we saw with the n.s.a. . exposure that google and microsoft and apple and others were supposedly cooperating. they're probably charging for that privilege so they're making a financial decision to open their networks for inspection by the n.s.a. and it's not worth it to me to do that i don't want to live in a surveillance society and i'd rather stick by what our constitution says that we're protected like we should be i guess said the beginning and that johnson got less to lose that big business is the gutless to fate of night yeah absolutely and
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but it's funny because i've got more to lose i mean i couldn't fight a protracted court battle but i'm willing to do it i'm willing to go to jail to protect my customers from being wholesale the monitor i find it surprising that a company with the resources of google. isn't more circumspect about the information they're giving away and what they're selling it begs the question how long this has been going although this is of course a lot of may be familiar with that i think it's just come out now with snowden and his revelations is that what you think of him i think he's a hero and i think he's doing the right thing i think it's shameful that he's being treated like a criminal for standing up and reporting what i believe are illegal acts by our government people shouldn't be treated under the espionage act as is the obama administration has done so many times to people standing up and believing that what is going on is wrong otherwise we have no recourse to turn our government around.
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meanwhile a so-called behavioral surveillance initiative launched by president obama is coming under scrutiny the campaign introduced in the wake of bradley manning's leaks requires federal employees to spy on each other in order to spot potential whistleblowers or washington correspondent janet she can has the details we learned that not only does the u.s. government spy on everybody selling twenty communications but it also urges government employees to snitch on each other in fact there is a program in place it's called the insider threat program which is designed to reveal potential whistleblowers before they blow the whistle under this insider threat program millions of federal workers and contractors are instructed to recognize quote indicators of inside us behavior among their colleagues and to report their suspicions to authorities now get this those indicators include an employee's financial problems working hours unexplained travel stress wars for instance and an f.b.i.
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insider threat detection guide warns private security personnel and managers to watch for quote a desire to help the underdog or a particular cause james bond want to be a divided loyalty allegiance to another person or company or to a country besides the united states under such guidelines anybody can potentially be targeted more of a behavioral experts even those working for the government doubt that the program will work and they say there is no proven. profiling techniques but what these are to spying program is for to do is to leads to lots of baseless and discriminatory investigations one wonders if this really has any purpose but to create an atmosphere of fear no wonder investigative journalists and their sources have dried up and government officials are afraid to pick up the phone especially now in light of edward snowden's revelations which make it clear everyone is under surveillance this kind of a witch hunt is definitely not something people expected from and of the obama pickle is that this is from six years ago i will provide our intelligence and law
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enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our constitution and our freedom that means no more illegal wiretapping of american citizens these words perhaps a different future but it seems the u.s. is going back to the mccarthy days with the government urging people to spy on each other to scare an insider for revealing what they see as the government's wrongdoings in this regard one also has to ask the question is there any other way one could learn about the government's wrongdoings done in secrecy all move then from an insider to us journalists the answer is obvious no. and a spy scandal over in europe has cost a top official his job the man you can see here a luxembourg prime minister. who was the longest serving elected official in the e.u. had to resign in the wake of a scandal involving his country's intelligence agency luxembourg secret service apparently top politicians and squander its budget on luxury cars and in
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neighboring germany chancellor merkel is softening her stance on the n.s.a. debacle defending her government's cooperation with the agency had of key talks on the issue with washington earlier she has demanded that the u.s. explain the mass wiretapping of european officials revealed an average snowden leaks. and just to remind you of the extent to which germany was targeted the analysts say is reported to have made up to five hundred million data interceptions there for months monitoring phone calls text messages and e-mails. well to find out how the rest of the world reacted to adult snowden's avalanche of leaks you can head to r.t. dot com and there we've also got a timeline for you documenting the details as well as the impact of his revelations . the u.s. has decided to go ahead with the delivery of four fire jets to egypt despite
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president obama's order to review military aid to carol this comes at a time of deep divisions in the country were emotions are running high after the overthrow of president mohamed morsi last week but then let's take a closer look at america's role in the country in twenty eleven when hosni mubarak was still in the office it's received one point three billion dollars worth of military aid plus a much smaller two hundred fifty million dollar economic support package mubarak was announced it and in twenty twelve mohamed morsi became the new president is muslim brotherhood movements have the approval of the u.s. government which continues to provide the same amount of aid and that aid situation remains largely unchanged despite the political turmoil gripping egyptians and the lack of a legitimate government if america plans to remain unchanged the support will continue next year but none of that cash has improved the lives of ordinary
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citizens in egyptian authorities bill to reports. the supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy remain steadfast they're continuing their city in another city in the capital they held a symbolic funeral for the dozens killed in violent clashes on monday morning between security forces and members of the sit in they marched from their mosque where this ongoing protest is happening to the presidential palace and they had a kind of standoff with republican guards this comes at a time when there's been an arrest warrant issued for the supreme leader of the missing brotherhood mohamed. for inciting violence on monday if he is that this arrest will scupper any plans for the missing brotherhood's participation in this time here in egypt on monday the interim president for his part issued a roadmap to egypt in the form of a constitutional declaration it said that there would be a new constitution and parliamentary and presidential elections within the six
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months this was rejected by the most brotherhood and its political party the freedom and justice party we had to deal with all the way through when for the election when it was a little bit is that missed or whatever and then the military would come back in one year to say you just repeat everything again start the love that was you should start this what we are trying to say all the time is not about more since it was about the values meanwhile the u.s. have responded in a manner which it doesn't necessarily reflect what commentators are saying here which was this is a military coup if this is labeled as a coup this would affect u.s. assistance to egypt the latest reports are that the u.s. are sending four x. sixteen fighter jets to egypt in the next few days this is part of a launch a package of twenty fighter planes which eight of which were already delivered in january the spokesperson for the white house for his part said that they would it was not in the interests of america to reconsider its package of assistance to
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egypt although president obama has. promised to look into the a and the plan for american supports all of egypt in the future. while egyptians disagree on who should lead them most seem to share the same view on the u.s. role in their country as a new survey has shown in may i merican researchers found that nearly eighty percent of egyptians do not approve of the u.s. role in their country with only sixteen percent and holding the opposite view when asked about president obama and his foreign policy almost two thirds gave negative answers perceptions of obama have worsened since he returned to office in two thousand and nine the majority of respondents also disapprove of america's military and financial aid to egypt viewing it as an addiction that harms a country and with egypt still feeling the aftershocks of the twenty eleven revolution washington's image is unlikely to improve as policy or now reports.
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i their message is clear they want the army out and morsi in but there's another message in between the patriotic. anger against the west for its sinuses and implicit support for a military coup i just must not was i wasn't there i forget how major the egyptian street is littered with and tear bomb the posters and each day more new ones appear we set out to find out who's making them and found the this is one of the oldest print shops in cairo in the last two years it's printing presses have grind to a halt we found the same in the shop and this one instead of making a killing there on the verge of bankruptcy things have not been going so well since the revolution things were better before we've been so slow for the past three years in that time i only had ten clients asking for posters so who is responsible for the anti america post as i'll search which to date in but by is
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a plane to follow and hatred against america is growing each year washington gives cairo one point three billion dollars in military aid if america causes a coup it will be forced to stop but many fear the decision to say nothing except that it is reviewing the situation will ultimately backfire and fuel hatred towards the us and us i think they may get is this dealing with things in double standard so i was told i think that they have to have a woman for a must is. equal to one thousand men standing supporting morsi and for different reasons there is no joy from washington even from the people who want to live in the states ha medina holds both american and egypt and citizenship two months ago he sold up ready to trade cairo for texas he feels washington is too deeply embroiled in internal egyptian politics and pulls the strings from a far i have no problem with american people have problems with american politics
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which try. right interfere in the way we want to live and that's not right with washington and its allies were fusing to show strong reaction to the recent taken into vincent egypt some feel it's another hate affair between the two countries. bush. we all have american friends on the personal relations we or we have the fine this being said you don't expect that somebody you love sort of betrays your will or. disappoint sure or does not understand you all deliberately. refutes the truth as we under a stone egypt and streets grow many why the brotherhood now having tried democracy and seen it fail to arms it spells disaster for everyone from the protesters on the streets to the people who just want a quiet life like mohammed in his printing shop or the president of ahmed topically
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committed himself to saying is that he is deeply concerned by what is happening here in egypt meanwhile the it's no wonder then that posters like this will continue to be popular no matter who put the same policy r t cairo. hour back in just a minute to discuss the crisis in egypt with an expert on islamic movements that's right after this break. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture.
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will implement science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. so. stream. joy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. welcome back you're watching live from moscow and we are now returning to one of our top stories today to discuss the young breast gripping further we're now joined by a rider on islamic movements dr to me thank you so much mr to me for joining us here
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in r.t. to discuss the situation in egypt so as we have been reporting as we now know that america is still pushing through with its massive military aid package to the country so how do you think this will affect the relations between washington and the interim government. while the americans. who are trained you're. being very unhappy with the rise of the muslim brotherhood. but it's not just. the united states have a very strong alliance unity will have. conspired against me given that there will eventually be very different. rules will be discarded as a result of the. will reflect on the nation and i think that america.
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would powers in the who again. well let's not talk about how this aid will affect their relationship and how will influence the way and new government will be formed what more can you tell us about this. acting on the long and the medium to long. is a video of her folk i'm seeing it will not need to do the line it would depend on and you put in a. can put its house in order and this is what both has and mostly what trying to do with it was not given time. his project. was. what i was. obstructed by from the number one that also sold the. most from that is. a man made problem once you get is on it again to promote me deny things and i will of course you still have relations
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with the outside world with the powers of the world but women have to be on. equal law. on equal footing ok let me ask you this question at this point you said that mr morsi had to confront all sorts of problems problems but yet he did receive financial support from americans well he obviously failed to meet the expectations of the people that brought him to power now. what did he do wrong and what could have been done differently. i'm afraid we have lost connection and was. of them to me but we'll be bringing you more on this of course as this is one of our top stories and i'm moving on now. the fall of the assad regime in syria could have catastrophic
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consequences due to the threat of chemical weapons stockpiles anding up in the hands of radical militants that's a conclusion of senior british lawmakers and intelligence and security committee report which appears to be in stark contrast with the government's program stands the warning comes shortly after russia said it had solid evidence that rebel groups in syria used chemical weapons deadly attack in the city of aleppo back in march the samples have been handed over to the united nations washington has said it's skeptical over russia's findings which contradict the white house earlier claims the government forces were behind chemical attacks those allegations were used to justify a decision to arm the syrian rebels but u.s. lawmakers are holding back on the promise weapons supplies fearing they could end up in the wrong hands and i work campaigner richard becker told us that moscow's of findings should be enough for washington to reconsider its pledge of lethal support
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this certainly should be an eye opener for everyone who has any doubts about what it's going to be this latest report from russia we've got to do use of chemical weapons by the opposition the intervention policy rather it's going to forward with the training of the forces of the opposition the syrian opposition army medical corps i mean five years that the policy is really just ready because there is a great deal about position inside the united states and there is you know you get inside the congress there is a great concern about where this will lead to and whether or not it will lead to a regional war or something even wider if the united states goes forward with a plan its plans to achieve its objective which is overthrowing the government is your ear. president obama's foreign policies including his stance on the syrian conflict have earned him harsh criticism from one irish politician who's
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a guest in today's episode of our interview show world apart. now i ask you is this person going for the hypocrites of the century award because we have to call takings boy their right names and the reality is that by any serious examination they smile and it's a war criminal the war in syria that sparking a very passionate speech is also being waged on to the slogans of democracy as it is being aided by the countries who consider themselves to be democratic but how is that democracy better than the authoritarian system that president assad has with regard to many. use that are being put on the conflicts in syria i don't agree with the regime but i do not agree with many of the rebels either and i believe the future of syria should be checked by the syrian people themselves with interference from external forces all of history shows so stuff where foreign intervention comes
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in in the so-called name of democracy it is ordinary people civilians who ends up being homeless who end up being day it's a new ends up in its very own stable situation and where fortunately the middle east is being led to at the moment. and if you watch the full interview later today here on our team. in moscow the late lawyer sergei magnitsky has been found guilty and a high profile tax evasion case the court also handed down a guilty verdict against his former boss william browder head of the hermitage capital fund which was represented by magnitsky our kids are in english so has the details. rusko court has ruled that their auditor sergei magnitsky who died in
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custody in two thousand and nine is guilty of tax evasion similar rulings has been brought against his former boss william browder u.k. citizen who refused to attend court session who was also sentenced to nine years in prison in absentia now according to court documents and to witness testimony both musically and browder have constructed an elaborate scheme of tax evasion by essentially employing so-called dead souls people who were either disabled and couldn't work or people who were who were dead by centrally putting them on the list of people who supposedly were working for browder thereby investing more than seventeen million dollars now the case has garnered a lot of attention because prior to his arrest and subsequent claims that he has been covered in the labyrinth corruption scheme which involved some high ranking russian officials and human rights activists in russia and abroad claimed that this was partly the reason for my new skis demise in the prisons the case has enough not
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breach of russia's borders even bringing to the to a diplomatic route between moscow and washington because u.s. officials have adopted a so-called magnitsky act which prohibited some sixty russian officials from entry to the united states and using their banking system has in turn retaliated with their own list of american citizens who are banned from entering russia because of their alleged crimes against russian citizens or violation of human rights. and time now for the world update nine people have been for dead today in floods there are devastating several provinces in china that brings the total death toll to almost fifty with dozens missing rental rains have triggered landslides and the worst flooding in half a century in a country south destroying homes and leaving dozens of villages cut off from power supplies according to the latest reports over a million people in this interim province have been affected by the tragedy. and
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that of ghana stan a twin car bombing has claimed the lives of five people the first blast killed three civilians followed by a second that left two police officers dad as they rushed to the scene no group has claimed responsibility but similar attacks have been launched by taliban fighters violence is spiraling in the war torn nation just weeks after a nato security handover to local forces. and up next facts figures and fury over the minimum wage any doubt his aides at the prime interest. many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to
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the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man got to get that still guy all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it to any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to groan morales would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. good
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afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english here in washington d.c. here's the stories we're telling today to taper or not to taper that is a question being asked at the federal reserve so do we stay. printing eighty five billion dollars per month or not and guess what today we learned that half the voting members want to end not even taper by year end we'll talk with jim rickards about this and the big trouble in china in a bit. and the first non-blank institutions to be named too big to fail was announced today actually the term is syfy guess who they are a i g. and b. who both required massive bailouts during the financial crisis will do about this with our t.v. producer rachel later in the show finally seems a new living wage law here in d.c. has wal-mart threatening to tear down their wal mart plans hereon boring will break
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down minimum wage later in the show so without further ado here's what's in your prime interest. there are twelve members on the federal open market committee and they vote on monetary policy eight times per year the last meeting was on june nineteenth and it caused quite a stir as because we learned the committee was more bent on winding down q e so-called tapering well the minutes of that meeting were released today and they said half the members thought q.e. should end and this is by year end this is the most dissent at.


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